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              Tel:+86 0513-83548038

              Nantong diesel engine Limited & Nantong TongChai power technology Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1958,formerlyknown as the Nantong diesel engine factory, 1993 for the restructuring of joint-stock enterprises, 2010 and China High-Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co (Hong Kong listed companies, stock code: 00658.HK) implementation of the reorganization of assets, to become "China drive"'s holding enterprises.

              Nantong Diesel company specializes in R & D and production of”FEIJING” NT, TCR,TCU series diesel engines, gas engines, power coverage from 25kW to 2400kW, mainly used in ships, marine auxiliaries, pushing the main land units, engineering machinery, fire pumps, agricultural irrigation and drainage power facilities.

              Pass - products in the innovation and upgrading of Austria AVL company based on the advanced technology of internal combustion engine fully absorbing the international authoritative research institutions, with independent intellectual property rights, was identified as "Chinese fishing machine industry brand", "national key new product", "high-tech products in Jiangsu province", "Jiangsu Province quality trust products", won the "national mechanical industry science and technology progress award".

              Pass vigorously in the development of civilian products and maintain long-term cooperation with the military, the product was selected for military mobile power plant, auxiliary ships and other military power facilities, the product quality is reliable, stable performance, by the troops.

              In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the company in 2013 through overall relocation to Nantong Chongchuan economic development zone. The new factory covers an area of 135 thousand square meters, construction area of nearly 100 thousand square meters; the new factory imported CNC machining center, Germany three coordinate measuring instrument such as processing and testing equipment with international first-class processing, the key parts of diesel engine production line and assembly line, test bench, coating line complete production facilities.

              Pass the company established a perfect quality management system, through the ISO9001 quality system Chinese classification society certification company certification; the ship through China class diesel engine and generator (CCS) and the national fishery Inspection Bureau (ZY) type approval. The company has been awarded as the "pacesetter enterprise of China's internal combustion engine industry", "Jiangsu AAA contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu private technology enterprise", "Jiangsu civilized unit" and other honorary.

              Through the "customer as the center" concept, the company has established a sales and service network covering all provinces and cities throughout the country, and has been exported to Southeast Asian countries, Mexico, South Africa, Sultan and other countries and regions.


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